Ryanair's Carbon Footprint

Today the is a constant critical eye on large companies and their impact on the environment, particularly the ones involved in travel. Whether it be the automotive industry or the aviation industry both are under extreme scrutiny. are doing their best to keep the environmentalists at bay and still run a successful profitable business. [1] Ryanair has simply put the information up on their website as to acknowledge the publics concerns. they have even gone as far as to break down the numbers for us. Ryanair is claiming to have the lowest greenhouse gas per passenger with only 66 grams of carbon dioxide per person per kilometer. [2] Also, they are 24% lower than the average European airlines and 39% lower than the average of 21 airlines tracked globally. In an interview with the Irish Times, Chief Marketing officer Kenny Jacobs explained that it is truly all about the aircraft. Regardless of the frequency of flying if a company has younger planes, they are going to have a smaller carbon footprint. Ryanair’s competitors, BA, Lufthansa and Air France KLM are flying older aircraft for longer periods of time which enlarge their carbon footprint. A comparison to daily life is that you can produce more carbon dioxide driving in an older vehicle frequently than the planes in the sky do. After all, air travel contributes to only two percent of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions. 


On the other hand, the airline did emit 9.9 million tons of carbon dioxide last year, up from 9.2 million tons in 2017 and 8.4 million tons in 2016. No matter what they do to reduce their emissions there will always be emissions with the planes in the air today and with more people flying this number will go up. The industry is looking towards all electric planes or even a hybrid option and this would be a huge step in the right direction, it would reduce the carbon aircraft of companies like Ryanair immensely. 


Until the day when electric and hybrid planes change the industry the public will have to be happy with the fact that Ryanair is posting their statistics online. Consciously informing the public on their companies rates and statistics is more than most companies of their size are doing. There is something to be said for their efforts to get the information to the public.