What are the top of the line private jets like?

Ever wondered what the top of the line private corporate jets are like? 

The Gulfstream G 500 is one of the most advanced technologies on the market including active sidestick controllers and an all-electronic system with a feedback mechanism that helps the connection between pilot and airplane and touchscreen controllers with standbys and overhead that allows precision when dealing with turbulent situations. The cruising altitude ceiling for the Gulfstream G500 is 51,000 ft.  and they travel at Point 90 which is 9/10ththe speed of sound. Besides the technological pros, the G500 is fitted with a living area that has a nice couch, plush carpet and multiple fancy leather chairs. Stylish stone work can be seen throughout the cabin which is accompanied by lush carpet and real leather coming together to make a clean and sophisticated looking interior. A passenger can marvel at the beautiful inside but also, they can look through the massive Gulf Stream windows that are fitted throughout the cabin. As amazing as the G500 is, Gulfstream did not stop here, they created yet another private jet you are going to want to buy…

This flashy Gulfstream G650 Aircraft is fitted with an oven and microwave forming a mini kitchen for any inflight needs a passenger might have. All chairs onboard are electric operated and can move in all directions allowing the person sitting there to reach their maximum level of comfort.  With a TV in the lounge area, passengers will never be without entertainment. An enclosed and intimate cabin for dining allows opportunity to have private conversations with guests over a meal or a drink. Besides flying in style, The G650R is very fast and has broken a record by flying from New York to Dubai in just 11 hours and 2 minutes cruising at Mack .920. Having difficulty choosing between Luxury and Speed? Worry no longer, Gulfstream has provided you a solution with the G650R. Now Gulfstream clearly knows what they are doing when it comes to luxury but that is not to discredit the Airbus ACJ 319.

While it may cost a pretty penny the Airbus ACJ 319 is worth every cent. With woodgrain accents throughout the plane and comfy leather seats, passengers feel at home. With the widest and tallest cabin in the business jet world the ACJ 319 eliminates the feelings of being cramped on a long flight as the living space is quite spacious, it’s a different way to fly. With the amount of space on the plane there is enough room to move about the cabin and socialize with the other people on board. Conversations can be stuck over dinner in the luxurious dining room equip with tables that seat up to 8 people total.  On the outside of the aircraft the ACJ 319 is equip with bigger energy saving motors that result in a 12% saving of energy and a different wing design that decreases energy expenditure by 15%. These energy savers mean that the plane can travel further than many of the other Corporate Jets on the market, besides being more environmentally friendly than the rest.  In addition to the previously listed features of this plane, it is also equipped with a full-size private bedroom and spacious shower completely cutoff from the rest of the plane. With both an area to be social and an area to have a moment alone and luxury throughout the Airbus ACJ 319 appeals to a wide variety of needs. If a customer’s needs are not quite met by one of the three option listen in this article, perhaps the Boeing 757-200 VIP is the plane suitable!

Boeing 757-200 VIP features a full-size bedroom with one touch controls for lights and window shades (amongst other things) right next to the bed. An en-suite restroom is included in the bedrooms for maximum comfort. A private seating area with loads of storage cleverly hid in the beautiful design of the interior adds to the value of the aircraft, rows of spacious seating options so that all guests are as comfortable as possible.  The convenience factor of buying a private jet is extended throughout the design of the cabin, this plane is made to make the passengers life easier. With tables that fold out and chairs that turn into extra beds the designers of the Boeing 757-600 VIP really thought of everything.  Life is all about choices, so choose yourself and pick one of these beautiful private jets.