Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our users with a safe, secure and effective platform on which to buy and sell aircraft.

To provide our platform users with the most transparent and trustworthy journey they have ever had when either buying or selling aircraft.

We are committed to changing how buying and selling aircraft is conducted and to add value to the transaction.

And to make the process faster, easier and more navigable while saving the user on costs, time and effort.

About Us

Transactions through transparency is our flight plan

Global AVX makes buying or selling aircraft easy, reliable, secure and transparent.

On our exchange platform, ‘sellers’ can advertise their aircraft to fund approved purchasers, or ‘buyers’. Aircraft can be sold via traditional auctions or by simply offering the purchase price of the listing. The choice is the sellers.

Time is money

All buyers must complete a fund approval and comply with our AML process before they are permitted to bid on a listing. This ensures that only serious parties can bid on aircraft. All buyers must be certified by our admins as fund approved. For example; if a buyer has access to €1,000,000, they are then permitted to bid up to €1,000,000 on a listing, provided Global AVX declares them fund approved. We require bank statements and/or correspondence from your bank/financial institution - Global AVX will then verify the existence and availability of those funds.

We require AML documentation to prove identity and the address of the proposed buyer. Once we are satisfied with identity and funds, a buyer is deemed to be fund approved. That buyer can now bid on listings up to the level of their fund approval, but not above.

Sellers can constantly monitor the bidding process and get real time updates on their listing.

Buyers can engage directly with the seller through the platform to request and arrange test flights of aircraft or seek further information through the platforms secure messaging service.

We do the ‘pre-flight checks’ for the process. We ensure the buyer is ready to purchase. We process the documentation. You sign the dotted line and fly away.

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