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We request that the buyer have the aircraft available for viewing and testing before and during the bidding period. Viewing and testing after the bidding period closes will be open to the successful bidder only.

Whenever an auction is live there will be a notification on the home page. Click on it to be diverted to the listing and the live auctions.

With Global AVX all legal documents are uploaded by the seller before the listing can go live. If a buyer is fund approved for the minimum reserve of the aircraft listing, they can view the legal documents. This gives all potential buyers an opportunity to investigate the documents on the aircraft beforehand - this saves time and effort for both the buyer and the seller.

The sale must complete within 2 months of the close of the auction.

Yes. It is at the sellers discretion whether or not to proceed with the auction or consider/accept your offer.

The fee is subtracted from the amount due to the seller. For example, if a listing is sold for €500,000, the Global AVX fee is subtracted from this amount and the remainder is then transferred to the seller.

No. All bids must be conducted through the site. This ensures transparency of the whole process.

Please email us at info@globalavx.com and we will investigate the matter immediately. Depending upon the nature of the scomplaint, it may take some time to revert to you or resolve the issue but we will endeavour to act on all complaints as quickly as possible. All complaints are confidential.

Nothing. The seller can re-list the aircraft provided there are no issues with the aircraft or accompanying documentation and the buyers funds will be revised/ verified.

We can withdraw a bid placed in error if we are notified of same within 1 hour of the bid being placed, provided the bidding period of that listing is not within 12 hours of closing. The previous highest bidder will be notified of this error and can rebid at the amount they previously bid.

If the mistaken bid is placed within 12 hours of the period closing, or if we are not notified of same within 1 hour, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we can withdraw this bid, as we must contact the seller and get their permission to do same.

If a bid is withdrawn, the listing will show same, any subsequent bids must be at a higher rate than the previous bid (not the erroneous bid).

Although not ideal, these things can happen. A listing can be withdrawn at any time by a seller, provided it is not within 6 hours of the bidding period closing.

Yes. if a listing does not have a bid above the listing’s reserve price, the buyer may withdraw the listing at any time, including within 6 hours of the bidding period closing.