Asset Insight - Hosted by Anthony Kioussis

Stephen Kelly, our Global Sales Director, was delighted to have a discussion with Anthony Kioussis of Asset Insight - Asset Optimisation Solutions. 

Stephen and Anthony discussed the current market, aircraft ownership lifecycle and how Global AVX can be utilised to help key stakeholders, including brokers and agents to conduct business and close delas in a transparent, efficient and accountable manner. 

Many thanks to Anthony and his team at Asset Insight for their time. If you would like to have a listen to the podcast please click here.

"We are working with the best people in the business to streamline the process even further and are driving the whole point of bringing the time it takes to transact, buy and sell and lease aircraft. Because the more transactions completed, the better it is for our industry. We will get out of this pandemic in a much stronger place and Global AVX will be there at the forefront to delivering deals and getting more people into business aviation than ever before." - Stephen Kelly, Global Sales Director