Recent Radio Interview: What We Do and How We Do It

Our Global Sales Director Stephen Kelly was interviewed on 103.2 Dublin City FM last Thursday the 9th of July 2020.

You can listen to the interview at:


Stephen talks about how the independent Global AVX auction platform allows the global market to determine the price and hence the value of aviation assets. This price is delivered in the most transparent way with our process and end Transparency Report encapsulating every part of the process and thus delivering ultimate accountability to all stakeholders. Find out how Global AVX can help today. #globalavx



If you are a broker, either representing the seller of an aircraft or you are looking to acquire an aircraft on behalf of a buyer, the Global AVX platform should be your primary medium of engaging in such transactions. The reason being, with a Global AVX auction you get full TRANSPARENCY at all levels, the ASSURANCE of qualified bidders, and true global market exposure that Global AVX uniquely brings to your aircraft transactions.


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