Global AVX: The Launch



We at Global AVX are delighted to have seen go live last weekend, after two years in the making. During the past two years, the concept of bringing an independent platform to the aviation market that enables transactions to be conducted in a transparent manner whilst assisting stakeholders adhere to their professional obligations has come to life. The Global AVX team has broadened during the development phase, giving us a deep train of thought and experience to help make the platform as beneficial to each user as possible. Each stakeholder in the transaction now has clear and transparent visibility to the various steps in the purchase, sale or lease of the asset. The end user will be provided, at intervals, with our Transparency Report. 



The Transparency Reports will be a key deliverable to our users. We will provide users of our platform, both standard listings and auction listings, with Transparency Reports at various transaction intervals and a close-out Transparency  Report upon completion of a successful transaction. The Transparency Reports will be used by different stakeholders for different purposes, however in all instances the Transparency Report will provide clarity and confirmation of key transaction steps and answer key question such as:  How was the best price achieved? What was the process? Who participated in the process? How were vendor objectives satisfied etc. etc. 


As we all know Auction dictates market value and this is the core business offering of Global AVX. The close-out Transparency Report will outline how Auction achieved best price for the asset and will compare with similar assets for sale via non-auction processes. 



The Global AVX launch in Dublin, Ireland, was reported on by some of the most respected media outlets in Ireland and by top journalists. The links below are samples of the media coverage that Global AVX’s launch has achieved. 



Following the successful launch of Global AVX last weekend, the office has received a significant number of information requests. On the eve of the launch, Global AVX made its first listing. Dennis Blackburn and his team at Corporate Concepts International Inc realised the potential impact of Global AVX and requested the listing of an extraordinary VIP Boeing 737-200 Advanced. This was a prime opportunity for such a listing. The first listing has gained significant interest from users based in over 18 countries in the first 24 hours of its listing alone. Global AVX is confident such traffic will continue into the future and lead to various expressions of interest in the asset. 


Looking back over the success of the weekend launch, Global AVX is excited about the future and the impact it will have on the aviation industry.



We offer each user feedback on how their listing is performing and the traffic it may be generating. This allows users, some of which have professional obligations to meet, to review how they are listing/marketing their asset and draw on new ideas that may assist in gaining the right traffic and interest. We look forward to welcoming many more parties to our platform and are glad to assist them in the listing of their assets on the platform and providing Transparency Reports to such end users throughout the process. 


If you would like to start listing, please do not hesitate to contact us at and our team will revert in early course.


What we are about and why we are here:


“To provide the aviation industry with a transparent and accountable platform for the sale, purchase and leasing of aircraft, that they can trust.”

Robert Bourke - CEO



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