Innovation: Corporate Jet investor Town Hall

We were delighted to have our Global Head of Sales , Stephen Kelly be invited onto the Corporate Jet Investor Town Hall with Alasdair Whyte. 


Stephen was invited on to speak with Alasdair about Global AVX and all things innovation in the aviation industry on Wednesday the 3rd June. Stephen and Alasdair were joined by over 700 viewers, the who’s who of the aviation industry. Through the Town Hall we have had increased engagement  from global players with an interest in what we are doing here and how we can assist them and their clients achieve a global reach and the true market value for their aircraft/asset.


Stephen discussed our entire process and how Global AVX can be utilised by brokers, lessors, professional bodies, corporations and individuals globally – to help achieve the market dictated value for an asset in a transparent and efficient manner. 


Please see the link below of the extract of Stephen’s interview. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how Global AVX could assist with any of your transaction needs please contact us at or any member of our team.