Institute of Directors: Member Interview

Our CEO, Robert Bourke, was delighted to sit down with Lisa Sweeney of the Institute of Directors in Ireland. 

Throughout the interview, Robert touched on his inspritations for starting Global AVX and how Covid-19 and the current circumstances have impacted the business. The current climate has undoubtedly brought hardship and forced businesses to adopt their model and how they conduct their operations. There are certain parties, and indeed airlines, that will not take off in the post Covid environment, due to the impact that the downturn has had. As Robert notes, we may be the perfect tool to assist the professional bodies that have been appointed over such airlines, corporations and aviation assets.

The full impact of Covid-19 is not yet calculabale. However, we have seen that liquidators, receivers and examiners have already been appointed over airlines globally and unfortunately the number continues to rise. Many of the professionals that would be appointed, or already have been appointed, have taken great interest, which is encouraging, as one of the main functions of our business is to assist in mitigating their risk and assisting in the meeting of their professional obligations.

Since our launch, we have been overwhelmed with positive interest and engagement with parties such as brokers and professional bodies, due to the independence, transparency and price dictation through the use of an auction platform.  Auction has a proven track record of acheiving the best price for an asset, determined as always by the global market place. The market is desires to do deals and demands transparency and price confidence whcih we deliver. 

Please see the link below to the IoD Interview.